The plugin has been developed to only appear if the screen size is less than 1024 pixels (the width of an iPad in landscape mode). Simply change the width of your browser or navigate via mobile to see it in action.

Check this page with your IOS or Android Device

WhatsApp is an IM app that was acquired for a whopping $22billion by Facebook in October 2014. People have written about how social buttons play a huge part in visits to sites. Buzzfeed told Re/code that WhatsApp shares actually brought in more traffic than that of Twitter!

Features :

  • One touch sharing

  • Display Options: Articles, Above Article Content, Below Article Content, Add between your article content using shortcode, Add in Module positions

  • Custom Text

  • Support Android and iOS devices

  • Very Easy Installation and Setup.


Does this work on Android devices?

Yes! Some other plugins or resources only support iOS devices but this plugin supports both :)

Why can’t I see the button?

Maybe because you’re viewing it on a desktop. The plugin has been developed to only appear in your Android or IOS devices. Simply navigate via mobile to see it in action.

Can I track clicks from WhatsApp within Google Analytics?

At the moment there’s no way of segmenting data by default into Google Analytics, that’s why we’ve added a tracking option into the plugin. We will be working on an update soon to help you customise this as well as add in integration to make the URLs look prettier